We started school last Tuesday (Sept. 7) but only worked on a few subjects for the five days. One of those subjects was a unit study on 9/11. Up to this point, we had only discussed that day in vague terms. My daughter knew that terrorists have flown planes into the twin towers and pentagon, but she didn't know much more than that. We learned quite a bit about the terrorists, about what happened when the planes hit the towers, about the heroes who died in all four plane crashes, and we talked about the bravery shown by the passengers of Flight 93 that was deliberately flown into the ground, saving an untold number of people. This is hard stuff for a child to learn, but I think it is necessary. We completed the unit today, except for assembling the lapbook that goes with the study, which we'll likely do on Friday.  We'll be adding a video to our YouTube channel when we have finished the lapbook.

Tomorrow we will start our "regular" school year, which will include continuation of some curriculum we worked on last school year (including over the summer) and some new curriculum (American History, Spanish to name a few) and a repeat of our science curriculum and bible/history/geo curriculum which we completed a few years ago but that has higher level work for older kids.

Hope you all are having a great year so far!


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Once again, I let myself get caught up in what others are doing.  I KNOW I'm not a planner.  I KNOW that we are more relaxed than many.  Yet, I saw so many posts about planning and I let myself get caught up.

I made about three weeks worth of plans and then thought to myself "What am I doing?"  This is not how I want our homeschool to be.  We tried unschooling...not a good fit for us. Neither is a rigid "do this every day, accomplish this every week, complete all of this this year" a good fit for us. 

Last year I went back to more of a Charlotte Mason/Eclectic type of curriculum setup and had a schedule for every week of what I would like us to accomplish.  Even that felt too rigid  So why did I try to make it even MORE rigid?

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Earlier this year, I got a fun unit study about Canada.  When we tried to add it to our current schedule, we found we just weren't able to spend as much time on it as we wanted.  When push came to shove, it was often something that got left undone during the week.  I made the decision to post-pone it until summertime. 

When we finished our regular curriculum a few weeks ago (we school year round), after taking a few weeks off, I decided to spend a few weeks completing The Canadian Adventure.from The Canadian Homeschooler

Today, we got out our interactive study and picked up where we left off...in Nova Scotia. 

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I've never been much of a planner, but decided to try and plan out the first six weeks of the upcoming school year.  We school year-round, and usually go six weeks, than a week off (or more if we want too).  We're pretty relaxed with when we accomplish things so that's why I don't typically plan my year.  We'll see how this first six weeks go.  

This image below shows our curriculum for the year, minus any subjects E wants to learn about. 

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We homeschool year round, but try to follow a six weeks on, one week off schedule.  We are getting ready to finish up our six weeks after VBS, which coincides with us finishing our bible/history/geo curriculum.  Next week will be just some written narration-type testing of what we have covered the last six weeks, and then we will take a week off.  We will do a few weeks of Ancient Egypt in August, then take another week off to prepare for the new school year.  I think I'm going to change things up again this year.  Not quite 100% sure yet, but I've got some things in mind.  Hope you are enjoying your summer, however you are spending it.

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This week begins Holy Week--the most important week of the year when we celebrate the death and ressurection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is a week filled with mixed emotions.  Sadness for what our Lord endured on the cross for us, but such glorious happiness for His resurrection, providing for us the security that our sins are forgiven, that we are reconciled with our Father, that we can live ENJOY our lives here on earth until the day we are called home to live in eternity with God!  

This week is one of our favorites in our homeschool year.  We use a wonderful unit study from Scripture Adventures called "An Easter Adventure."  We have completed this in the past but are going to use it again this season.  We have used a few other studies from Scripture Adventures, namely "A Christmas Adventure" and "Parables of Jesus."  We love "An Easter Adventure" because it tells not just the Easter Story, but also provides crafts, recipes, gifts, journaling, memory scriptures and hymns for the season.  

I also wanted to mention this wonderful Palm Sunday blog post my daughter created on her blog, A Christian Girl.  You will be blessed if you go over there and read it.  She LOVES Jesus and shares the Good News on her blog.

Happy Holy Week!

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